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After filling out the HIPAA compliant medical history form, board certified in obesity medicine physicians look over your history and send out for labs – no visual/virtual (Zoom-like) interactions needed. Once obtaining labs, physicians offer medication adjustments or alterations if applicable, offer lifestyle suggestions through laboratory and medical review and will most likely send prescription weight loss treatment best suited for you directly to your address at no extra expense or to a pharmacy of your choice.

HIPAA complaint email is used for private communication between you and physician.

All recommendations are covered by the consult fee; laboratory and prescription costs are subject to insurance coverage. We do as much as we can to make treatment as affordable as possible. We do not want anyone to lack treatment due to cost concerns.


For as little as $85, you can start shedding those pounds
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For such a small fee, you can start your journey to feeling better and losing those extra pound you can’t loose with other methods. Medical weight loss is the most effective way to lose weight fast.